Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What I have Learned So far & Design Is Statement Edited

      So far this semester I have learned that design has a lot more thought and depth to it's theory then I thought I knew. Our class dicussions allowed me to realize that design was hard to define but yet we all feel like we know what it is. This is very interesting because when the question was asked some of us sat there in blank thought, when some of us refered to online dictionaries and other resourses. It's funny how we think we know something until we are asked to define what it is exactly that we have no idea where to start. This is how I felt for my statement. Although, after much long discusion, viewing the super bowl commercials, Ted Talks, reading our course textbook and even the new release of the new iPad2, it is crazy how much we really have no idea of how much design exists.
      The fact that we do not see design always but we are aware it is there tells us that is good design (to a certain extent).  It is like the theory of windows, you don't notice a window is there unless it is dirty.  It is something so natural that unless you have a negative thought of it that your brain will really take recognition of it. Same goes for design, it is always around us but it is only when we see really bad design that our brain will recognize it as design.
    Another thing that I have learned in this course is how we as consumers take for granted the speed of technology. With our media usage assignment it was easy to see that all of us depend on technology more than we even know, which some of us knew a lot but was even surprised to know exactly how much. The discussion in class about the iPad2 opened my eyes that we really do always expect the best. Even though the new iPad was improved in ways that were probably extremely time consuming and difficult to design from the inside, we were almost underwhelmed with the outcome of the new improvements, we were expecting more. Our generation has experienced a lot of change with technology and we feel that it will constantly be this way (and may just be that way) but it should not be dismissed if the newest improvements are not exponential.

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