Friday, February 18, 2011

Culture & Design

Viagra Campaign
Viagra Campaign (Campaign)
Pfizer Viagra
TAXI, Toronto

     Some of the social influences for this campaign is the fact that Baby Boomers are aging and is getting to the stage where they are a large target audience. Another influence is sex being so freely discuses in  media that it seems to now being applied to an older group to make it more open to them where as before the topic would be very taboo. Another influence might be the scene of famous celebrities frequently checking in and out of rehab, this is where addiction to activities comes in to play. Viagra is humorously stereotyping an older age group with typical actives they might be seen doing and using an age group who seems to be entering the retirement years to describe the activities as addictive. Viagra acts to be the solution to this "problem".    

Target Market - This campaign targets about  50-65 year old directing more to males rather than females due to its directed gender usage. However, females maybe the ones purchasing it for spouses. This ad is more directed to North Americans with an average income of 25,000 to 60, 000. This is known because the ad displays confessionals of this target market so that the viewer can relate.
Cutural Issues - With the majority of North American population is getting older, the advertising world is taking a shift to who the advertisements are directed to, this being displayed within this ad. The overall design is simplistic to keep the focus on the personal struggle the customer is explaining. This allows the target market to trust the person because they are explaining an addiction (something that would be considered embarrassing and personal)
Overall Observation- Viagra pokes fun at the social issues what a young adults might be interested in and applying it to the Baby Boomers and their life changes. Its use of humour allows viewers to get a laugh out of it but also deliver a rememberable campaign message.

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