Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stefan Bucher

Listening to Stefan talk about is work process through his past experiences as well as his way his brain works is really interesting. First off I love how he is proud of everything he has done, even the failures and mistakes because he obviously has learned from them and has helped him become who he is today. This is something I live strongly by, everything happens for a reason. If you fail, you learn from it and recover. Stefan does this and uses humor to help make light of the situations that did not work out.  This is one of my favourite characteristics about Stefan. Moving on Stefan then speaks about his functioning of his brain, the way the conscious and subconscious minds seem to work together but at an unpredictable rate. He describes his conscious mind being over thought and compares it to a hyperactive dog chasing squirrels to tire itself out where as the subconscious mind is a team player but the amount of effort cannot be documented as it is occurring.  This I find I can relate to most, because of the fact that some of my best ideas have come when I am working late in the night out of no where rather than during the day when thought long and hard.  My brain needs to do its resting during the after hours of class and then restart itself later in the evening before real ideas can occur. Although this is not entirely the same as Stefan, I do understand that the subconscious mind somehow gets the job done. Ideas are always passing in and out but it is until they are recognized by my conscious mind is when they are put to paper. Stefan shows that with different creative people we all have different creative processes; that because it may not look like work doesn’t mean it is not creating ideas.

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